Golf, an unexpected pleasure.

1 a game that really needs HDTV to watch properly
2 a good walk spoiled
3 a danger to people strolling on common land
4 a remarkably addictive little game on the PSP

Everybody’s Golf is a game that I really didn’t expect to get along with. I don’t like sport in general and, although I can appreciate the skill involved, golf has always struck me as a particularly dull game to watch, so when Codepope got his PSP and went on a game buying spree I must admit I looked down my nose at this one.

Then one afternoon I decided that I really ought to have a play of something other than Lumines and, not feeling like a racing game or anything that would take too long to get into, I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it a go.

And I haven’t played anything else since (apart from one brief and slightly frustrating dalliance with Archer Maclean’s Mercury).

It’s a very simple game. Yes, there are clever shots you can make as you progress with a character, but equally, you can get a long way without perfecting your spiral shots (which is just as well). Collecting new outfits and accessories at first seems like a childish gimmick but you soon realise that gaining them increases your power or control and, I have to admit, there is a certain twisted pleasure in dressing your character up as a ninja or a nun.

I guess it’s one of those games that you’ll either take to or you won’t, with very little middle ground. It’s the perfect 10 minute game, as you can easily finish a round in that time, equally though you can find yourself playing “just one more round” for hours.


2 thoughts on “Golf, an unexpected pleasure.

  1. Look at it this way. At least by playing golf on the psp you don’t have to wear the silly trousers. Unless of course, you want to.

  2. Hehehe, very true… Although I have been known to wear somewhat unconventional apparel on occasion I really do draw the line at plaid or similarly obnoxiously patterned trousers.

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