This does not bode well…


I’ve lost track of how long it is since they started digging up the road at the end of our close. The other day we were becoming concerned that they were going to cut us off completely as they extended the hole. And now we have more equipment arriving…



Our house is not very large. It is a pretty well organised house, most things have their home and can usually be found there or close by.

So how on earth can we possibly misplace a cushion?

Keys, glasses, other small things that have no fixed abode I can understand ending up somewhere not immediately obvious. But, a cushion?

It’s red, about a foot square; it’s not the sort of thing that can just slip down the back of the sofa (and believe me, we have checked).

Not only is it nowhere obvious, it is also not in any of the non-obvious places we have checked. And, as I mentioned, this is not a large house, there is a finite number of places where a cushion can be.

I know I haven’t put it away anywhere; I noticed it missing when I cleaned the living room the other day and I remember it being where it should be the last time I cleaned (this is not a daily occurrence; I may be like my mother in many respects but daily dusting and vacuuming is not one of them).

Codepope can’t remember doing anything with it.

I am at the point of believing that next door’s new kitties took a fancy to it and dragged it off into the bushes…