The current troublemakers


Born: 11/08/2014 Adopted: 25/09/2014

Named after the confidante and apprentice of Kevin Flynn in TRON: Legacy.

Sister to Yori. Quorra is a dumbo roan who started out with a beautiful black patch across the back of her head and neck but lost it within a couple of weeks. When she was just under six months old she got an ear infection which has left her with the most adorable head tilt, but luckily no lasting balance problems; if anything she has become more agile and her favourite trick is corkscrewing her way down my t-shirt. She is a tea lover and I am happy to share my mug with her, though I draw the line when she starts splashing in it. She has a tendency to be overenthusiastic about grooming the other rats, which does get her slapped down every now and again.


Born: 1/11/2013 Adopted: 9/3/2014

Named after Rommie from Andromeda.

Sister to Rocket. Rommie is a black-eyed, mismarked hooded downunder dumbo rat; she has a brown hood and splotches all over her back and a slightly lighter solid coloured tummy. So pretty. She has two speeds: chilling and frantic. She’s not scared of anyone, but she has no interest in sitting still on them; she climbs, digs and generally dashes around. She loves to explore, but if she slips off the sofa onto the floor she immediately panics and tries to find a way back up. She loves her food and will eat anything put in front of her, but is very good about not chewing the furniture and cabling, unlike previous ratties.

Past troublemakers


Born: 11/08/2014 Adopted: 25/09/2014
Died: 27 May 2016 aged 1 year 9 months 16 days

Named after the female lead in the original TRON film.

Sister to Quorra. Yori was a grey hooded dumbo. Her fur was very slightly longer than the others, so she tended to always look scruffy, no matter how much she groomed herself. She had a respiratory infection soon after we brought her home and she never grew as quickly as her sister; that, combined with her frustratingly persistent habit of hiding food rather than eating it, meant that she could always easily stand on the palm of my hand. Although small, she appeared to think she should be boss of the cage, though no-one else agreed, which led to occasional scuffles and squeaking. She was a bit of a medical puzzle — bleeding from various places with no obvious cause – but she always seemed otherwise healthy and we expected her to carry on being cute-to-people, annoying-to-rats for many more months. She died at home, far too young and with no warning.


Born: 1/11/2013 Adopted: 9/3/2014
Died: 16 February 2016 aged 2 years 3 months 22 days

Named because of the speed she dashed around the cage when we tried to pick her up to come home with us.

Sister to Rommie. Rocket was a roan dumbo rat with dark ruby-red eyes; she had the most gorgeous grey stippling and a pretty blaze on her head when we got her, but as with all roans, she faded to a variably grey-speckled white. Rocket was the more chilled of the sisters, though she could move at speed when she had reason to. She was a little territorial and this manifested itself in (mostly) gentle nips suggesting that you should leave her alone — it was strangely endearing, especially when she started using the nipping to tell my other half that it was time to go back to the cage at the end of the evening. Her grumpy personality won our hearts. She left us at the same speed she arrived; a pituitary tumour took her coordination overnight and it was only right to let her go.


Born: 25 January 2012 Adopted: 18 March 2012
Died: 26 July 2014 aged 2 years 6 months 1 day

Named, with her sister, after River Song from Doctor Who.

Song was a black-eyed, chocolate-brown hooded, dumbo rat with a big spot in the middle of her back. With her sister they earned the nickname “The Demon Twins” by never staying still when being held and using their humans as a playground for climbing, running and digging. Song was the baby of the pair and the most lively, twitching at every sound. She soon learned that I was a safe place and whenever she was taken out of the cage she would immediately dive under my t-shirt — this was cute when she was tiny, but required far more fortitude when she grew to five hundred grams; especially when she did her favourite trick of locating herself out of reach right between my shoulder blades. She also had the sharpest claws. “The rat that wouldn’t give up” successfully ignored her slow-growing lump for six months before it finally became too large and we had to let her go.


Born: 25 January 2012 Adopted: 18 March 2012
Died: 2 April 2014 aged 2 years 2 months 8 days

Named, with her sister, after River Song from Doctor Who.

River was a black-eyed, chocolate-brown hooded, dumbo rat with a stripe two-thirds of the way down her back from her hood. The other half of the Demon Twins, she was the more relaxed of the pair. As she grew older she claimed the back of the sofa as “her spot” from which she surveyed the room looking distinctly unimpressed. A suspected brain tumour slowed her down and robbed her of some of her coordination, but she hung on in for another two months before it came time to let her go.


Born: 1 June 2011 Adopted: 25 July 2011
Died: 6 March 2014 aged 2 years 9 months 5 days

Named, with her sister, after Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager

Seven was a ruby-eyed top-eared rat, white with a very variable smattering of grey. She was always smaller than her sister, Nine, and also more energetic. She was the sweetest rat and also the derpiest, and she had the most luxuriously strokable fur. Seven bounded along in the wheel in a barely coordinated way that never failed to raise a smile, but she never seemed to see the point of jumping (or possibly she never saw the destination — being ruby-eyed her vision wasn’t that good). She grew old gracefully and died in her sleep at home.


Born: 1 June 2011 Adopted: 25 July 2011
Died: 25 September 2013 aged 2 years 3 months 24 days

Named, with her sister, after Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager.

Nine was a black-eyed, blue, mis-marked Irish (with a small lop-sided white triangle on her chest), top-eared rat. As alpha, Nine ruled the cage quietly, though she always had her manic moments when dashing around was the thing that had to be done right there and then. Nine loved to run in the wheel when she was younger and ran smoothly and elegantly. She was a good jumper; it was in equal parts frustrating and amusing to see her turn into a puddle of rat before springing vertically up to the top of the corral and balancing on the top edge, which was in itself terrifying because she was a bit clumsy — always the most likely to slip while walking along your arm, leaving a nice set of scratches behind. She took her slow-growing, but ultimately very large, lump as an excuse to chill out and be pampered. We eventually let her go after she started having increasingly worsening respiratory attacks.

Temporary residents


Resident: two weeks in May 2015

Midge came to us after her last remaining cage mate died and her owner had no immediate plans to get more rats. She was a two-year-old, top-eared chocolate hooded ratty with a very friendly and perky personality; a lively explorer who seemed to have a built-in proximity sensor that meant she would wake up any time anyone came within two feet of the cage. Unfortunately, although introductions seemed to go well at first, there was some fighting and blood drawn and she went back to her owner, who seemed very happy to have her back and was quickly planning to get some younger friends for her.


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