Good Twitter week #8

Wednesday 19th February โ€“ Tuesday 25th February

1. Sunset

2. Bobble fish

3. Stoats!

4. Empty underground

5. Muffin disclaimer

6. Socialist modernist architecture

7. Fragment

Good Twitter week #7

Wednesday 12th February โ€“ Tuesday 18th February

1. Picky chickadee

2. Inky otters

3. Frogger’s revenge

3a. Trajectories of birds

4. Abracadarious

5. Playing fields

6. Doggy cinema

7. Floral flat lay

Good Twitter week #6

Wednesday 5th February โ€“ Tuesday 11th February

1. Textile frog

2. Correlation != Causation

3. Spidey ouch

4. Honeycomb curves

5. Bird portrait

6. Spiralling glass

7. What is this?

Good Twitter week #5

Wednesday 29th January โ€“ Tuesday 4th February

1. Chrome drape

2. Groundhog

3. Starlings

4. Watercolour trees

5. Book dress

6. Feathered boiled egg

7. Coyote and badger

Good Twitter week #4

Wednesday 22nd January โ€“ Tuesday 28th January

1. Squirrel!

2. Space mosaics

3. Blue jay

4. Chinese New year

5. The North Sea

6. A little mountain tranquility

7. Sunrise

Good Twitter week #3

Wednesday 15th January โ€“ Tuesday 21st January

1. Dry stone walls

2. Baby aardwolf

3. Sunshine tray

4. Wing prism

5. Medieval rat queen

6. Morning sky

7. Badger, badger, badger…

Good Twitter week #2

Wednesday 8th January โ€“ Tuesday 14th January

1. Beachcombing

2. Cherry blossom

3. Contemplative crow (click through for full pic)

4. Architectural textures

5. Search and rescue (click through for more examples)

6. Magic tree

7. Baby parrots

Good Twitter week #1

There is a lot of negativity and outright nastiness on Twitter, but there are also people who share positive, amusing, interesting, or just simply pretty things there as well and it’s good to be reminded of that every now and again. So, I’m going to try to remember to pick one good thing that goes past me each day and highlight it at the end of the week. I don’t know how long I’ll keep doing it for โ€“ I am notoriously prone to forgetting to do stuff like this, especially if I have one of those bad days that makes it hard to see anything positive, but let’s give it a go and see how far we get.

Wednesday 1st January โ€“ Tuesday 7th January

1. Full rotation of the moon

2. Popcorn VFX

3. A man saves a cygnet 

4. Goose parade

5. Long dog is long

6. Copper wren

7. Spread those wings