#The100DayProject: day 16

day 16 solar bulb

I nearly took a break today. I’ve done something to strain my right arm — no idea what — and carrying the camera for too long is enough to exacerbate it. Also the return of the sun, along with unaccustomed warmth, was enough to remind me that I haven’t bought a fresh supply of sunscreen this year (I only ever complained about the lack of sun, not heat). But it’s quite pleasant outside right now, so I grabbed a quick snap of this lonely solar bulb hanging on our fence. We used to have a pink one to go with it; I know it got blown off its hook during a particularly windy episode, but as for what happened to it after that…

day 16/100 — #100daysofleavingthehousewithacamera – #the100dayproject

#The100DayProject: day 15

day 15 pink flower

I am determined to get a good photo of these flowers; this one is a definite improvement over previous attempts. Not sure what it is — my brain says “pink magnolia”, though not with any level of confidence — but it’s a welcome splash of colour on yet another grey (and windy) day.

day 15/100 — #100daysofleavingthehousewithacamera – #the100dayproject