Oh dear no…

Carte Noire, with your advertising you have guaranteed that I will never try your coffee. Even though you included two free samples on the flyer.

And it’s not just because we have a Nespresso machine that creates a pleasing variety of coffees — long before we bought that I got into the habit of the first drink of the day being a mug of instant coffee.

So my first reaction was along the lines of “oh, a different coffee to try”.

But then I read the blurb.

“Immerse yourself in a world of seduction with Dominic West, star of The Wire, as your host. Visit www.cartenoire.co.uk and he’ll read love scenes to you from a mix of classic, modern and emerging novels.”

Pass me the bucket…


Apparently the Tories think there’s an imminent General Election.

voteforchange campaignUse your vote in the UK General Election

Written in response to back benchers and Lord Saatchi’s call for the Conservative party to stop its “nicely nicely approach to advertising and PR,” and to get back to basics. Asabailey created a run of viral adverts designed to reach out to young and old voters alike, and to create debate between voters and the media, in the Midlands and the North of England by highlighting the current state of British society, and firmly placing the blame at the feet of the current Labour government.

Since when could you target a viral campaign at a geographic area by putting it on YouTube?

Is “comedy” really the right YouTube category to put propaganda under?

You direct people to “view comments on the voteforchange campaign on YouTube. Are you really happy with the response it’s got?

  • They say “alcohol abuse” like its a bad thing.
  • Thats well funny…you right it is cuz of labour but because under the Tories PEOPLE HAD NO MONEY!!!!
  • W.T.F….I think that was my girlfriend????
  • Urg! another Conservative sneaky underhanded campaign….we all remember vividly the Thatcher torture years, and that retard Major. The Tory’s are absolute devils……no thankyou…piss off back to your pit please, and quit with the contrived political videos please
  • leave it to someone to take two variables and correlate them where no correlation exists. I think the non-labour party needs to learn statistics… or economics.
  • And how does this prove she took drugs or drank alcohol? Those floors can get very slipery and I’ve seen many people who were sober but still slipped.
  • 😀 lol you think it’s connected to Labour? look at the statistics in other european countries, such as germany. This is nothing about politics, this is the modern society
  • lol i’ve done something similar…how this is supposed to shock i really dont know.
  • forthcoming videos in this series: ‘The crap weather – why it’s all Gordon Brown’s fault’ and ‘England lose to Germany: EU to blame shocker’

Well, I suppose that you did get people talking about the issue. Nobody seems to be agreeing with your point of view though.