Cinema vs DVD – Marketing wins

We don’t go out to the cinema very often. Living in London, by the time you’ve added up the cost of a couple of cinema tickets and drinks you’ve already spent the same as you would buying the DVD when it comes out (and the time between cinema release and DVD release is getting shorter all the time). Then, when you factor in the convenience of watching a film in your own home, being able to re-watch it whenever you want without paying again, and sitting in the company of people you actually want to be with, well, it has to be something pretty special to get us out of the house.

We were both enthusiastic watchers of Firefly when it was on, so when Serenity was announced we knew it was something we’d have to see, but, as usual, no rush, we’d wait for the DVD.

Or so we thought. But that was before the mighty marketing machine upped its game by showing us the first nine minutes of the film.

So we watched that on Thursday, and were in our local Odeon on Friday afternoon. And it was well worth it.

Joss Whedon has done a remarkable job on the film. The exposition needed to make the film accessible to people who hadn’t seen the series was done in such a way that it didn’t feel like repeated information for those who had. Unlike some other TV to film transitions it most definitely didn’t feel like it was just an extended episode. Great effects, wonderfully constructed plot and it wraps up the River Tam storyline perfectly. All while leaving the option for another film or series.

Oh, and yes, we’ll still buy the DVD when it comes out.


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