Good Twitter links

Twenty-seven editions of Good Twitter Week is not bad going. I kept it going for more than six months before it became difficult to find new and interesting things to post. So, rather than just abandon it without acknowledging the end of the series, I thought I’d wrap up with a list of some of the regular sources that can be relied upon for wholesome content.

Dartmoor365 – Photos of walks around all 368 square miles of Dartmoor.

James Rebanks – Old-fashioned farmer and writer of books. Takes wonderful photos of his Lake District farm.

BabelColour – Restores and shares fascinating old photographs.

Oregon Zoo – Shares photos and videos of its animals.

Present & Correct – “Office sundries for the modern workspace,” also known as a stationery shop. Also known for finding and sharing visually interesting things.

Geology Tweets – Pictures of minerals, fossils, structures, gems, geology, etc.

Nicola White mudlark – Mudlarking on the River Thames.

Jackie Curtis – Art and photographs from a Somerset printmaker.

Philip Ryan – Lincolnshire wildlife photographer & filmmaker.

Jocelyn Anderson Photography – American bird photographer. Also shares daily films of hand-feeding birds.

Women’s Art – Celebrating women’s art and creativity.


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