A blog post!

It has been a very long time since I last wrote anything on this blog. When the last of our ratties, Nyssa, died in May 2019, the focus of the blog went with her and I’ve never worked out what I want to share here instead.

I have been quite busy over on my other blog sharing all the arty crafty things I make — Crafty Rat has over a thousand posts now — but here was always about the ratties with a bit of random ranting thrown in for a change. And it’s not only here, I have no idea what to do with the various social media sites I’m signed up to either.

Back in 2020 I could have easily turned this into a health-focused blog — two diagnoses in one year would have provided ample content — but even now neither of those are widely known outside of family and I haven’t decided whether blogging about it is something I want to do.

So, what to do.

The simplest thing would be to start sharing photos here on a regular basis. Just a single image a week to start with, maybe using the Wordless Wednesday tag as motivation. I have a lot of photos, even when you ignore the ratty and crafty ones, and it would be nice to browse back through them and pick ones to share rather than leave them all languishing on my computer.

And maybe, once I’ve got into the habit of posting here again, other things will come to mind.


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