Less than 100 days

It hardly needs saying, but I have abandoned graciously withdrawn from the 100 day project.

As with many decisions made on the spur of the moment, it was not a well thought out one. The intention was sound: I do need something to motivate me to get out of the house more often, but this project isn’t it.

“Don’t break the chain”

I know a lot of people swear by the chain as a motivational productivity tracking tool and, in theory, it’s a great idea: the more consistently you do something, the more you’re likely to keep doing it. But.

The problems start when, for whatever reason, you break the chain. Now, some people give themselves sick days and vacation days from the chain, so that they can not do the thing but still count it as not breaking the chain. And again, in theory, that is a great idea. But.

My brain.

Unless I am laid up in bed, physically incapable of movement, according to my brain I am not sick enough to justify not doing the thing, so any failure to do the thing breaks the chain. (That would be three days in the last ten years: once when I had a nasty stomach bug, once when the flu jab knocked me off my feet and once when a bad cold wiped me out.)

And as for “vacation days”, well, that’s just cheating (according to my brain).

So, not doing the thing always breaks the chain.

And breaking the chain, no matter how long it was, is failure. And any previous achievement is as dust. I am starting again from scratch, only now I know that I am incapable of not breaking the chain and will almost certainly do it again.

Which is, quite frankly, just a smidge demoralising.

And this is why I should never do any challenge that requires me to not break the chain*.

*I do take part in the 30 day colouring challenges because, although it sounds like it is a chain challenge, it very clearly states that you do not have to colour every day.


One thought on “Less than 100 days

  1. […] When I decided, at the last minute, to take part in The 100 Day Project my only plan was to “leave the house every day and take a photograph”. I certainly wasn’t planning to do anything more complex than that. To be honest, my main intention wasn’t really artistic: I just wanted a bit of motivation to get out of the house each day. [Note: this failed and I decided to gracefully withdraw] […]

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