New girls

New girlsWell, we weren’t planning on getting more ratties quite this soon after losing Seven, though it was definitely a case of deciding when to get some, rather than if. But then circumstances presented us with two little sweeties in need of a home and we just couldn’t think of a reason not to take them.

They’re around 4-5 months old, a little skittish but curious, and utterly adorable. They’re having a day in the spare cage to settle in before meeting River and Song tomorrow.



11 thoughts on “New girls

  1. They’re adorable! Are they dumbo rats? I have a dumbo named Darcy. I’m so tempted to adopt another one, Darcy is a year old, since I’ve always heard they’re best in pairs. Seeing your new rats reminds me of how much I’d love another one!

    • Yes, they’re dumbos. And yes, rats are social animals so it’s best for them to have a friend of around the same age if possible – and it’s more fun watching them play together and groom each other and steal the food out of each other’s mouths (Song is a terrible food thief) and just curl up together to sleep…

    • I most certainly shall. Just as soon as I catch the little devils πŸ™‚ It’s been a while since I’ve had girls this lively and, while they’re friendly and don’t mind the occasional scritch, they’re not really used to being picked up yet. Luckily I am a very patient person.

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