Post op

All went well at the vet, though it did take longer than when Nine had her first lump removed. When I went to collect Song, she was huddled at the bottom of the carrier and just gave me a dirty look when I stroked her. But, hey, at least it was a response 🙂

Apparently the huddling was mostly down to anti-vet sentiment, as she perked up the instant we got home and I put the carrier down on the kitchen table. She climbed out at the first opportunity and was happily running around on the sofa minutes later. She has been drinking and eating and doesn’t seem to be trying to worry at the wound. The only we haven’t had yet is poop.

She’ll be spending a few nights in the spare hamster cage to try to limit her dashing around a bit and then we go back to the vet on Thursday for a check-up.

Song post-op


2 thoughts on “Post op

    • Luckily they are also great at healing quickly and so far she seems to be leaving the wound alone. But, yeah, this is two out of four with lumps so far, though I knew the risks when I decided to get girlies. And I do have to remember that they are not youngsters any more.

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