Nester confirmed

River headshot

Yup. It’s River. She wasn’t just taking advantage of a cosy hammock yesterday, she was relaxing in her own handiwork.

Though apparently she’s a perfectionist and it just wasn’t good enough. When we passed the cage earlier, she was busily tidying up — pulling out the bits of paper that were hanging over the edge of the hammock and neatly tucking them back in. It’s a far more effectively stuffed pile and there’s enough in there now that she can bury herself completely.

She was so well buried that it took a good couple of minutes of snack bag rattling before she managed to climb out far enough for me to give her a treat.

Of course, this does mean that the other two have very little bedding left. I shall have to give them some more kitchen roll, but I’m afraid it will just end up in the hammock with the rest. She is a very determined little ratty.


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