Exhausted cont.

So I finished taking the course of antibiotics and, while the throat wasn’t as sore, overall I was left feeling even more run down.

Then the boiler decided it had had enough of heating water for this lifetime and would rather make constant clicking noises instead. Cue switching it off followed by five days of no heating or hot water while we organised getting a replacement.

Replacement installed (thank you Happy Dog Plumbing) and the opportunity for a nice hot shower. But several days of being cold and one wrong stretch led to all the muscles between my spine and my shoulder blade cramping up weirdly — by the end of the day I felt like I had a fluey ache pretty much everywhere.

The next couple of weeks of feeling generally run down and tired was topped off by coming down with another damn cold, which I have yet to get rid of.

Woke up with tooth/jaw ache this morning — was 95% sure it was just down to shoulder and neck tension and, but went to the dentist to get it checked out just in case. On the plus side, he only charged me half price seeing as it was my birthday.

Went to the GP to get more painkillers and he gave me some more, different, antibiotics as well. Which I’m not taking as I really don’t know why I was prescribed them — I’ll let the cold run its course.


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