Debenhams: How not to do customer service #2

Annoyances” or “I’m frustrated already, don’t make it worse

  • Be consistent
    Have consistent and accurate information in all your communication, whether on the website, by email or on the phone: there should be one fixed period of time after which an order is considered lost.
  • Communicate
    When your order confirmation email says “to keep you up-to-date on the progress of your order you’ll receive regular order status updates” make sure that that happens. That was the last status email I received. Eighteen days ago.
  • Track delivery
    You know when or if an order has been delivered. Do not automatically send me an email requesting that I “review [my] recent purchase” ten days after I ordered it; I would love to review my purchase but you’ll have to deliver it first.
  • Be relevant
    Don’t check the stock level at the delivery store, announce that the item is in stock there, and then tell me that I would have to buy it again as they can’t use that stock to fulfil the order. It’s a pointless and useless piece of information that serves only to frustrate me further.
  • Be sincere
    For your sake and mine. If you simply parrot your apologies and repeat how the system won’t let you do anything, all the while sounding as though you’d like nothing better than to hang up on me, I will, perversely, keep you on the phone until I am utterly bored of explaining exactly how unhappy I am.

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