Debenhams: How not to do customer service #1

Consistency” or “when should I contact customer services?

I place an order online for collection from store.

The order confirmation email says to contact customer services if I don’t get an email notifying me of delivery within the estimated delivery time. The estimated delivery time, according to the website, is four working days.

After five working days I email customer services. The reply says to contact customer services if the order hasn’t arrived after ten working days from the order being placed.

After ten working days I phone customer services. The system “won’t let” the customer service representative do anything until eight working days after the order was despatched. The order wasn’t despatched until five working days after the order was placed.

Eight working days after it was despatched I call customer services. There was a meeting yesterday where they clarified the policy so that the rule is now eight working days from when the order was placed. Though whether this will be reflected in the emails they send out is anyone’s guess.

And what do they offer to do when the four ten thirteen eight working days have passed and it still hasn’t arrived? Refund and re-place the order thereby starting the process all over again.



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