Eleven for 2011

This is not a list of resolutions. It could probably best be considered a list of intentions and ideas for things that will, hopefully, help make 2011 a more pleasant and enjoyable year than 2010.

  1. Write blog posts when they occur to me
    Or, if that isn’t practical, at least make a note and write it up at the earliest opportunity. The current practice of scribbling a line or two and then leaving it to gather dust until it is no longer relevant really isn’t working. Secondary to this, I need to go through my “blog ideas” folder and turn anything still worthy into a blog post.
  2. Take off the weight that 2010 put on
    If that is successful, make a start on the weight that the end of 2009 put on as well. It is doable once I get into the right mindset for it.
  3. Exercise!
    Resistance training! I know I like it when I get into the routine. I enjoy walking and I enjoy doing weight training; however, I doubt I will ever get on with the exercise bike, though I will give it another go.
  4. Get new glasses
    I could list off all the things that have made me ignore each and every reminder from the optician, but the fact remains that my eyesight is worse than it was and I do need a new pair of glasses.
  5. Learn at least one relaxation technique that works for me and use it
    First on the list: deep breathing. I haven’t had a lot of success with this in the past, but I have high hopes that Pranayama, an iPhone app, will help me – first impressions are promising.
  6. Read more – both fiction and non-fiction
    This ties in to the relaxation thing, at least partly. I enjoy reading and I used to do far more of it, even when I had far less spare time.
  7. Get up to Lincoln to visit family
    It has been far too long since I last went to Lincoln. I had intended to go up for mum’s birthday at the start of November but events in October necessitated a change of plans.
  8. Go out places. Do the touristy thing. Take the camera out.
    I took hardly any photos last year: this year I’d like to actually get some use out of my camera. We’ve lived in London for quite some time now and have barely done the most basic sight-seeing; this should be rectified.
  9. Scan the old family photos
    This is of course more complex a task than it sounds as it involves getting my monitor set up so the colours are at least vaguely right, and then I have to figure out the best way to do the scanning. And then there’s the retouching and the trying to identify everyone.
  10. Pick up my crochet hooks again
    I’ve made a couple of amigurumi this year, but it has been a very intermittent hobby. I have a half-finished owl (which is most likely destined to be sent to my mum), several other patterns in the todo pile, plenty of wool and no real excuses.
  11. Cook
    Well, cook more. Progress beyond the general assembling of food and into the realm of what I consider to be actual cooking (I do realise I am probably being a bit harsh on myself here, but my repertoire could do with being expanded). I have a good selection of cook books and the time to do it, so, once again, no real excuse not to.

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