Experiment: Painting with CS5

The ever-wonderful Codepope bought me the Photoshop CS5 upgrade and I have been slowly checking out some of the new features.

My latest bit of experimenting has been with the new mixer brush. It’s not a feature that I was particularly excited by when it was announced — most of my time in Photoshop is spent creating graphics for web use or tweaking photographs — but I watched a demo of it and, having nothing better to do this afternoon, gave it a quick go.

Turning this


into this


on my first attempt. I am quite pleased with the result, especially given how little time I spent working on it.

I do now understand why the tutorial suggested that a Wacom Art Pen would be a requirement were you to do this regularly — the Art Pen’s rotation-sensitivity, which Photoshop recognises and uses for turning the brush, would make it a lot easier.

Verdict: Fun to do, made me drop my usual precise way of working and I am sure I will find uses for this in the future (birthday card anyone?)…


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