This is me testing out WriteRoom.

Maybe without any distractions on screen – no Twitter updates, no Gmail Notifier incrementing visibly in the menu bar, no IM distractions (apart from the DING as Codepope chats to me and that is one distraction I am happy to have) – just maybe I might actually be able to focus on putting words together to form what might even be described as coherent sentences.

One thing’s for sure, I really must raise the height on my chair as this is an incredibly poor position to try and type in.

[shuffle] [adjust] [tweak] [shuffle] [move keyboard]

There that’s better, my wrists are no longer resting on the edge of the desk.


Ah the fine line between having the chair high enough and pinning my thighs under the desk.

So, now I’m sitting vaguely comfortably, back to WriteRoom. It is such a simple idea, couldn’t be more straightforward really – take a basic text editor (plain text or rich text, this is not a Word replacement), cover absolutely everything else on screen with it, hide the menu bar and there you are, just you and your gently glowing green text on the quiet black background.

WriteRoom removes all visual distractions from the screen; short of muting the system volume there’s really nothing more it could do to help you focus on your writing. If you still cannot concentrate then I suggest you look to your environment; turn off the TV, kill the music, put the answerphone on.

Now write.


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