A bittersweet splash of sunshine

Who can not smile upon hearing, if only in your head, the words

w00t! Grillaz like totally PWN the jungle, innit x

in Stephen Fry’s voice…

A couple of days ago I discovered that Stephen Fry twitters, and a truly lovely find it was too, a little splash of sunshine that often raises a smile.

There is a tiny bittersweet element to this in that it does make me slightly envious, not of the things he gets to do but of the obvious joy he gets from doing them:

Oh my sainted pyjamas! Just spent 1 1/2 hrs SO close to a group of gorillas. Unbelievably marvellous x

I don’t recall, even as a young child, ever just giving in and relishing the simple joy of a situation or activity like that. I always have been far too self-conscious, self-aware and analytical, and indeed, aware of others’ reactions, and my brain has, over the years, refined the knack of presenting me with fully formed lists of reasons why X is not necessarily a good thing or how Y could go wrong, long before I have had a chance to simply enjoy.


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