Summer cold

Normally it’s a given that if Codepope gets a cold I will get it too, but, in a nothing short of miraculous turn of events, I actually avoided picking up the one he was suffering with before he went off to Spain to do the family visiting thing.

Unfortunately, the guy snuffling behind me in the bank queue yesterday was infinitely more toxic. He may of course be innocent in all this, but as he is the only obviously unhealthy person I remember being near recently I’m blaming him.

I woke up this morning at 6:30AM – what is it with waking up before the alarm? You’d think I’d be taking advantage of Codepope being away and having a lay-in.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with a distinctly stuffy head, the sort of feeling that says “you’re coming down with a cold”.

Coffee and breakfast and I was feeling human enough to be in denial… It’s just the warm weather drying my throat out… I should have opened the window wider last night, let some more fresh air in… It’s a reaction to being in a smoke-free environment… It’s mild hay fever… That sort of thing.

Meanwhile the rational part of my brain is sitting there quietly shaking it’s metaphorical head and whispering “it’s a cold”.

Not one to ignore the rational part of my brain, or more accurately, being completely incapable of ignoring the rational part of my brain, I have now stocked up on food, painkillers, decongestant and anti-histamines.

And will doubtless spend the next few days feeling dreadful anyway.



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