What did we do before IMDB?

Normally when I’m watching something on TV and have one of those “where on earth have I seen that actor before?” moments the answer turns out to be a film or series I watched a year or more ago.

Tonight I’m sitting here watching Desperate Housewives and I suddenly wonder where I’m recognising the guy who plays Victor Lang from; it apparently hasn’t crossed my mind to be curious about him while watching the previous six episodes of this series mark you, but tonight my interest is piqued.


Cue slapped forehead.

Cue bewilderment as I cannot for the life of me figure out why I hadn’t realised he also plays Roger Sterling in Mad Men. A series of which we have just watched the tenth episode.

We’ve been watching both series every week for seven weeks and I’ve only just realised.

And it’s not just me. When I mentioned it to Codepope his reaction was “Oh of course


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