Productive but…

Just lately I’ve been feeling… unfocused… a bit mentally blank. It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything, I’ve actually been pretty productive this last month or so:

  • the kitchen cupboards have all been cleaned and re-organised
  • my closet is now devoid of stuff that hasn’t been worn in ages or no longer fits
  • I finally got around to throwing out the stuff in the airing cupboard that was “stored” there umpteen years ago
  • my office is as de-cluttered as it will get until the monitor and bits get picked up
  • I’m almost half way through re-cataloguing all the CDs and archiving some of them off into boxes – we actually have some space on the CD racks now!

Of course once the CDs are finished then the next thing is to start on cataloguing the DVD collection…

And then there’s the books to sort through (at least they are already all catalogued), though I wish I could think of some sensible way to dispose of unwanted books…
And the hall cupboard where all the tools, DIY and other junk gets dumped needs sorting out…
And the drawers in the living room where random stuff ends up…
Oh and the miscellaneous accumulations in the loft…
And if I get really stuck for something to do I can always have yet another go at organising Codepope’s office.

The problem is that while all this is practical and necessary, if not urgent, it’s not exactly stimulating. I’m good at organising stuff, it comes naturally to me, it doesn’t require much in the way of creative thought – a bit of pondering the best way to approach the task, maybe a little mulling it over if it’s a big job and then it’s just down to getting the actual work done.

I need a project that doesn’t involve organising things.

3 thoughts on “Productive but…

  1. What am I reading??? “… the next thing is to start on cataloguing the DVD collection…” Hmm, interesting 😉 ! This may be a mission for… fennel DVDManager 😛 ! So feel free to contact me back if needed. Bye & Greetings from France.

  2. This is where I have to admit to having recently switched software… Booxter, which I’ve used for years for cataloguing our books now does CDs and DVDs as well… So now I can have all my media tracked in one application, with one interface, all nice and tidy…

  3. Oh, okay… I’m sad to hear about this, but I understand. So thanks for the help you’ve provided to the project, and good luck with your media cataloguing! Cheers.

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