Yay for daylight

I don’t know whether it’s the impending demise of this dratted cold or the clocks changing or the fact we’ve actually had a bit of sun today or all three but I actually woke up comparatively refreshed and am feeling almost human today – still snuffling but you can’t have everything.

Not only that but I appear to have gone into de-clutter mode.

The landing “airing” cupboard has been emptied, about a quarter of its contents returned suitably organised and the rest – including the curtains the previous owners had left hanging at the patio windows when we moved in over ten years ago – bagged up for either recycling or the dump.

The paper recycling bin is now full of shredded paper; we really don’t need to keep 10-15 year old phone bills…

The floor of my room is now clear of all the “things in need of a home” that have been resting there for the last few months, those having been tidied away into the oodles of free space in the landing cupboard. I can now get to the chair by my window and sit and read if I want to.

A bunch of old t-shirts have been turned into handy cotton cloths, and the guest bedding has been washed, dried and put away.

Of course while working my way through this lot, my mental list of things that need doing has grown huge… starting with clearing out all the old boxes from the loft…


One thought on “Yay for daylight

  1. I’ve been manically tidying up too!(you wouldn’t think it to look at the house) – must be the weather. Happy belated birthday by the way – and cheer up, at least you got flowers on Valentine’s Day. Cards like that make me laugh, like the ridiculous names they give individual chocolates in a box of chox. ‘Hazelnut Heaven’ or ‘Praline Paradise’. Does someone actually get paid for thinking up that rubbish?

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