Things that annoy me

People who assume they know what our financial situation is, when they don’t actually have a clue.

People who assume that Codepope’s money is my money and that I therefore have cash to spare. I don’t, I have no income and I’m still living on what I managed to save the last time I had a job.

People who discuss what they would do if they had “our money”.

People who assume that because Codepope pays the bills I don’t have any expenses so I must have cash to spare. “It’s not like she has to pay for anything”. Yeah right.

Okay, so “people” is one particular person in this case.

Being reminded that it is this person’s birthday soon when I didn’t get a birthday present from them last year and I can’t even remember the last time Codepope got one was particularly galling.

There. Now in a marginally less bad mood for having got that out of my system.


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