New shiny

My old Macbook gave off a last puff of citrus vapour a couple of days ago as it devoured its fifth hard drive in eighteen months.

We are infinitely grateful to the Apple tech we dealt with last time it died for actually writing “if it does this again, replace it” in the case notes rather than just telling us they would; that made everything go incredibly smoothly. We are now awaiting a call from TNT to pick the old one up, then they’ll replace it with the higher spec white Macbook (the old one had a superdrive in it).

Of course it’s never quite that straightforward…

If I were to just bimble along laptop-less until the replacement arrived that would mean that I would have a better specced lappie than Codepope‘s Macbook Pro. Add to that the fact that he has recently been contemplating getting a Macbook for himself anyway (a little more manageable for slobbing out with in the evening), and what you get is Codepope heading out for some serious retail therapy at the Apple store this morning and me setting up a shiny new basic spec Macbook for myself this afternoon.

Then in a week or so he gets to set up his new Macbook when the replacement turns up.

New toys all round.



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