Surely someone must know…

Q. What do you call a company that doesn’t know the specs of it’s own products?
A. Canon

A couple of weeks ago the ever lovely Codepope decided he needed a new little digital camera. After a short while browsing cheap cameras we couldn’t find reviews of, he came to the conclusion that what he actually wanted was my Canon IXUS 850 IS and the best way to achieve this was to buy me the next model up, the IXUS 950 IS.

Now there isn’t much difference between the two models, basically 1 megapixel and the ability to use SDHC cards. Which is where the fun begins.

There are 3 different readily available classes of SDHC cards in capacities up to 8GB.

The manuals don’t mention which is fully supported. So I thought I’d use their online support system to ask for more detailed information.

Simple enough request: which class of SDHC card is fully supported and what’s the maximum capacity card that can be used?

Cue automated response.

3 days later: “Your query has been sent to the appropriate group and is currently under investigation.”

Today, another week has passed: “This is to inform your enquiry is being further escalated to our Product Support Specialist Group for further investigation. You will be contacted as soon as possible.”

Surely someone must know…


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