Canon WTF?


It’s bad enough when installers insist that you restart your Mac when they’re finished but this is just taking the piss.

Canon, are you seriously saying that you have written a printer driver installer that will die horribly if so much as one other application is running? I don’t remember this being a requirement for installing the S9000 drivers or the ones for my camera, so you obviously can do it, so why the difference this time?

And not only do you say that no other apps should be running but you’re not going to give me the option of risking it and you’re going to automatically shut them all down for me. I wonder how many pissed off Mac owners there’ll be who, used to people writing sensible driver installers, will automatically hit continue and lose shedloads of work.

One thought on “Canon WTF?

  1. yeah, that is just lazy programming on canon’s part. no excuse in this day and age, especially on the mac.

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