Bleeping bastard mushrooms

I’m beginning to think that “Tesco’s Finest” is code for “we threw some mushrooms in it”.

First it was the spaghetti bolognese. I should have learned my lesson then and forever more checked the damn labels, but I didn’t.

Tonight, being on my own and in a lazy mood I grabbed the “Yorkshire Beef and Beer pie” – that’s “Yorkshire Beef and Beer pie” as in “cottage pie with delusions of grandeur” – that has been lurking in the fridge and chucked it into the microwave. It didnt even occur to me to check the ingredients. 8 minutes later I was transferring it onto a plate (not feeling so lazy as to eat it out of the container) and feeling particularly vexed that the last morsel slipping over was a very obvious slice of mushroom.

checks ingredients… yup, 2.5% mushroom. Bastards.

goes to find something fungi-free to eat…

No. I don’t like mushrooms. The flavour is bearable but the texture… shudder… vile.


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