Looks like my Tivo has died.

Powered up this morning to a frozen screen, no problem I thought, it does this occasionally when it and the Sky box have a falling out, a quick power cycle should do the trick. But no, not this time, all that came back was a green screen with “a serious error has occurred” splashed across it along with an admonition not to turn the box off and to leave it alone for 24 hours while it tries to fix itself.

Unfortunately the “if it doesn’t then contact customer service” bit at the end of the message is somewhat irrelevant as Tivo pulled out of the UK market some years ago.

I am not holding out much hope that it will magically resurrect itself, and even if it does I have to wonder how much longer it will last before it happens again. Dead or dying hard drive seems to be the most likely diagnosis.

Ah well, it has done sterling work and is – I just checked – over five and a half years old which isn’t bad going for a first gen piece of kit.

Still bloody annoying though.


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