Today’s waste of time: Geotagging

Anyone in the UK, or most likely anyone outside of the US, who gave Flickr’s new geotagging system a whirl when it was announced the other day was probably as unimpressed as I was with the maps they use. Diamond Geezer sums up the issues so I don’t need to.

Nevertheless I persevered and tagged a couple of the more easy to locate sets – the London Eye and the London Aquarium – I also tagged my My Life Story gig set though that was a little trickier to find, not helped by the postcode on the Mean Fiddler’s web site pointing to the wrong street… at least it’s easy to identify the London Eye on a map, no matter how bad the street labelling is.

Today another update from the Flickr blog points us to TripperMap. A handy dandy service which has just been updated to use Flickr’s shiny geotagging API and which lets you use Google Earth to geotag your photos.

Dead simple. Download their network link and add to your places in Google Earth, centre the map on the location of the photos you want to tag, click “Geotag Flickr photos with this location”, authenticate with Flickr and click on the photo you want to tag. Repeat as required.

Altogether a much more pleasing experience. Now if only Google Earth would get decent resolution maps of Lincoln…


One thought on “Today’s waste of time: Geotagging

  1. I found, last night, that though the maps in Flickr lack detail, you can switch to Hybrid or Satellite view and get pretty good resolution photos of at least London – have a look at my Isle of Dogs pics for geotags:

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