A walk in the sun


So we went up to Wimbledon today, just the short route because Codepope was taking a whole bunch of games in for trade-in after finally succumbing and buying an Xbox 360 yesterday.

But we didn’t have anything much to carry back so we took the long route back via Gap Road. And discovered that it feels so much shorter walking in that direction that we carried on over into Plough Lane rather than taking the direct route back. Then we could have cut down the path which comes out the bottom end of North Road but Codepope opted to soldier on and we walked down Blackshaw Road, past St George’s Hospital. Even then we could have cut across the railway tracks, but no, round the long way by road. The only concession to distance was cutting through the park rather than trailing up Haydons Road which is a much nicer finish to the walk.

I’m quite impressed with myself actually. I really enjoyed the walk. I don’t do hot weather (ok 24C isn’t that hot but it was direct sun) but I didn’t feel knackered at the end of it, I wasn’t out of breath, I was sweaty but not insanely so and I really did enjoy it.

I really really really must come up with a way of more accurately calibrating the pedometer though – it said 5.84km, Google maps says 6.6km…


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