A spring walk


Spring definitely seems to have arrived here, though now I’ve said that it’ll probably piss down for the rest of the week — checks weather forecast, yup, rain on Wednesday and Thursday…

But we made the most of today’s decent weather and went out for a walk down to Wimbledon Park — we’ve only lived here for 8 years so the fact that it’s the first time I’ve been there is irrelevant — up to Wimbledon Village and back down to the town centre. Exact route as shown on that map over there, courtesy of Gmaps Pedometer, a handy-dandy utility that lets you draw your own routes on top of Google Maps and it’ll tell you how long the route is among other things… 6.3km apparently, though that means I need to find a way to accurately calibrate my pedometer because that reckons it was only 5.6km; so either my stride is longer than I estimated or the API is out in its distance calculations, or both.

I can say with certainty though that it took 8427 steps to cover that distance (with a quick wander round Tesco at the end).

I can also say with certainty that I hate hills.


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