Overheard at the Drill Hall

“It’s a radio show recording – why is everyone so keen to get to the front?”

I was a bit flummoxed when I heard the guy behind me ask his son this. It seemed like an odd sort of question.

Was he implying that it would be understandable if this were a tv show recording? That if there were cameras there it would make sense to want to be at the front of the audience so as to be seen as well as to see?

Or did he believe that a radio show recording is a purely auditory experience and as such there would be no benefit to being able to see the performers up close?

I really don’t know, and if the lack of response from his son was anything to go by he didn’t have a clue either.

And, let’s face it, asking that question when you are standing less than 10 feet from the studio door is just a smidge hypocritical. And if you hadn’t exhausted your powers of observation on noticing how crowded it is near the door you’d see that this is a small bar with approximately 200 people trying to be in it all at once. It is this crowded everywhere.

I am happy to report that manoeuvring to the head of the queue and being in the front row of a recording of Radio 4’s The Now Show is well worth while đŸ™‚ Yes, it’s funny to listen to, but when you add in the expressions and interaction it was absolutely brilliant. I don’t envy the editor who has to trim the 1 hour plus of material to fit a half-hour slot.

The Now Show is on Radio 4 tomorrow at 6:30pm, or you can grab the podcast after the broadcast.


One thought on “Overheard at the Drill Hall

  1. I for one would try my harderst to get to the front. As a purely auditory experience the Now Show is without rival, but to be in the actual same room as the performers, well I would just inhale continuously in the hope that some of their talent would permiate my otherwise humourless being!Got their podcast on the ipod too:-)))

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