Hotel Chocolat

I am going to have to find somewhere else to buy Christmas chocolate supplies in future.

One item in this year’s order was out of stock, they sent the rest of the order (good) but when they sent the other item, they didn’t, they sent something else instead (unforgivable).

After 4 days they still haven’t replied to my email informing them politely of the error. And I refuse to sit on hold on their 0870 number when it’s their fault I have to call them in the first place.

Hotel Chocolat’s products are great but their customer service sucks donkeys.


2 thoughts on “Hotel Chocolat

  1. Blimey, how many chocolates do you actually purchase over Christmas? A box of Celebrations is just about enough for me.

  2. Perhaps it is because the customer service people are sucking donkeys that they can’t get around to sending out the correct orders…………or perhaps I took the wrong meaning from your blog

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