Sheep may safely graze on a show boat?

It seems that Google have been experimenting with suggesting alternative searches within the search results. There’s still the “did you mean ___?” bit at the top if it thinks you’ve misspelled something but for the first time today I came across this new inline style; three results from your search followed by “See results for: [alternative search term]” and three links for that and then the rest of your original search results.

This confused me so I took a closer look; the alternative search term link ends with revisions_inline, feeding that back into Google reveals that some people have been seeing variations on this behaviour for a few months, though I think that the earlier phrasing of “Dissatisfied? See results for: [alternative search term]” would have left me less wondering what the hell it was and more interested in the cool new feature than the current phrasing did – that one word question at the start makes a big difference.

For an example of this, search for “fun comics” and you’ll see the alternative “funny comics” offered; this makes sense to me and, had this been that actual search I’d made first off, again, I wouldn’t have been confused. However it wasn’t. What I actually searched for was “sheep may safely graze” and in the middle of my results I see “See results for: “show boat”“. I’m still trying to figure that relationship out. Even googling hasn’t really helped this time…


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