So we were watching a film the other night and doing the usual checking of IMDB when I suddenly wondered how many of their Top 250 films I had seen.

Rather than go to their home page and try to find the link to the list I went straight to Google (am I the only person who searches for things like this even when they know the URL of the site they’re on?).

As it turns out this was quite serendipitous as the search for “IMDB top 250” also found; yet another “exciting new webapplication” (is that really one word?).

So now, with minimal effort on my part (just one more login to remember), I can not only keep track of which ones I’ve seen but I can also expose the embarrassing gaps in my film viewing to anyone else who cares to look.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work in Safari yet, but they are trying to fix it; a task made harder by the fact that they don’t have a Mac to test on…


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